Monday, August 31, 2009


If this kid were a stock I would buy him and undoubtedly make a fortune!

His name is Sam Tsui and he is from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (which is outside of Philadelphia) and is a student at Yale University. I stumbled upon him this weekend while looking for the “Don’t Stop Believing” video from the new Fox series “Glee,” and boy am I glad I did.

He and his collaborator, Kurt Schneider, create these great videos, as well as a web based series, “College Musical.”

The first video is a cover of "Don't Stop Believing," the second is "Before the Storm," originally sung by Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas (who knew) and the third is a medley of Michael Jackson songs.

There are several more videos on Youtube, including the aforementioned "College Musical" which is up to episode 4.

SO talented!

Hope he doesn't mind that I stole the picture from his Myspace.


Anonymous said...

the michael Jackson medley was wonderful but I think this kid should remain a privately held company and I want to be the CF OH...... myyeeeee!! ISM

Anonymous said...

I had your same experience this weekend in stumbling across Sam's online version of "Don't Stop Believin'". Incredible talent. Simply wonderful. Made my Labor Day Weekend.

Lisa Scarlett said...

My daughter graduated with Sam. They wer in chorus together and I remember always saying that kid is amazing - he'll definitely go places - but who knew viral videos would be the way it would go!! Amazing talent!!

Gpawilli said...

Lisa -

Who knew indeed.

The kid is AMAZING!

Thanks for commenting.