Saturday, September 26, 2009


So Barbra Streisand was on Oprah two days ago to promote her newest CD, "Love is the Answer," and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Her appearance was way too short and she shared the show with Jay Z.

I don't have anything against Jay Z, I actually don't know that much about him other then he is a rapper/producer and is married to Beyonce, but with a career spanning nearly 50 years (so hard to believe) there is more then enough material on Babs to fill a complete hour, or more.

Barbra looked beautiful - actually the best I have seen her look in many years (I suspect she has had some work done, but I who cares) and she was relaxed and funny.

In her brief interview, she and Oprah discussed dolls and Barbra retold the story (for the umpteenth time) of how poor she was growing up that the only doll she had was a hot water bottle with a sweater knitted by her babysitter. She also discussed her fear of performing in public and what lead to her stage fright (forgetting the words in her central park concert in front of 135,000 fans).

Oprah didn't ask her about the new album or anything about possible upcoming projects she is working on (the new Fockers or The Normal Heart movies). There wasn't anything special about the interview other then we got to see a fantastic looking Barbra on TV - which is so rare.

The highlight of her appearance on the Oprah show was her singing "Make Someone Happy" from the new CD (which is being released Tuesday, September 29th.) It’s always a treat to see and hear Barbra singing, whether it is live in concert or on television.

I previously read that Oprah's crew went to Barbra's house and they filmed a tour of the property (guided by Barbra as I understand it.) Unfortunately, this footage was not used on the show.

She also sang her classic "Evergreen,” and while this was not shown, it is available on Oprah’s website.

At 67 years old, Barbra Streisand is still sublime and without contemporary. While the voice has mellowed with age, there is still no one, NO ONE, who can touch her vocally. She is the ultimate interpreter of songs and you feel her every note - even the one she messed up while singing “Make Someone Happy” (see below).

Two other heavy-hitting females are releasing new CDs on Tuesday as well - Madonna and Mariah Carey, and while these two ladies may sell more albums today, neither of them have the charisma or talent of Babs.

Although I read that "Love is the Answer" has become Sony Records' most pre-ordered CD of all time on, I am sure these two other ladies will outsell her next week (because they skew to a younger demographic) but I will be watching to see where Barbra charts with this new CD.

Tonight Barbra is performing at the Village Vanguard in the West Village for 100 lucky fans who entered and won seats (I entered but didn't win). What an experience that would be. I wrote to Rosie and asked her to take me as her date, but she is doing a show on Broadway and will not be attending. I'm sure that is the only reason she isn't taking me.

Tonight's Village Vanguard concert will be streaming later in the week on Barbra's website.

Barbra is doing two other interviews in the coming days and I am hoping someone will talk with her about something new. Set your DVRs to record for her tomorrow on CBS Sunday morning and then on the Today Show Tuesday.

Below is a clip of Barbra singing “Make Someone Happy.”

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Liz1971 said...

holy crap! 67? she looks fabulous... not surprised that oprah did a crap interview and didn't air a lot of the footage. damn oprah.