Sunday, September 13, 2009


For too many years we have been told by pop performers that they can not dance and sing at the same time, and followers have accepted lip-syncing as the norm. Ever since MTV killed the radio star (i.e. singers who can truly sing), we have been subjected to performance over vocal ability - looks over talent - and although Lady Gaga does not have the voice of a Barbra or Whitney, she sings live.

My disinterest in today's music, and the majority of the pop-tarts we have been force-fed for the past thirty something years, is they can't sing. They can dance, look sexy in their half naked costumes, and grab headlines by being provocative, but they cannot sing. Lady Gaga does it all.

The below video is from tonight's Video Music Awards and Lady Gaga's live performance - not to a pre-recorded track.

Five postscripts:

- Oddly enough, I liked watching Lady Gaga prance around in what appeared to be only panties, and the way it made me feel was a little shocking - almost unnerving.

- When she won the award tonight for Best New Artist her final words were, "...this is for my F#*king fans. You are the best fans in the whole world and I love you, and it's for God and the gays." Where have you ever heard that before? Gotta love her!

- Pink singing live from a trapeze - so why can't the others sing live! I like Pink - the anti-pop, pop star.

- Beyonce was amazing tonight! The portions of her song she prerecorded she didn't even pretend to sing - and her dance moves were amazing. Her generosity towards Taylor Swift (whoever the hell she is) was pure class - she was raised right.

- The typical lip-syncing females did not perform at the VMA's tonight - with the exception of Janet Jackson. I will cut her some slack since she is in morning but she almost never sings without a pre-recorded track. Another offender, Madonna, didn't sing, but she spoke touchingly about Michael Jackson.


Liz1971 said...

i'm not sure what to think about lady gaga... her last wardrobe choice kind of freaked me out (that red lace getup that covered her face). but i will say she is super talented and i appreciated the fact that she didn't lip sync. loved pink as well- and beyonce is a class act. kanye is a total douche.

Bobby Crow said...

Thank You for cutting Madonna some slack. That would have put you on gay probation for sure! LOL

I still don't get the blood with GAGA. I mean, I am sure MO was sitting there thinking "WOW" what an excellent performance of song, art, and fashion. Then the blood came pouring out. I am sure there was many of a WTF in the crowd.

Entertaining, nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift is young, beautiful, talented, and the new face of country music. She, unlike most entertainers last night is a great role model for the youth of America. How sad that she had to experience the ugly side of music at the hands of such an idiot!! Kanye showed himself for the low class dog that he has proven to be at every awards show he attends. The big winners last nite were those of us that got to watch the grace of two beautiful woman, Beyonce and Taylor!!
Remember people all the money in the world cant buy Class!! But my money will!!!