Friday, September 21, 2007


Over the course of writing this blog, which is not very long, I have written about race and racial incidents several times. Each time I heard back from several people, wonderful and intelligent people, that my views are possibly extreme and that racism in the south is not more prevalent than in the north.

I am going to stick with my core belief and respectfully disagree.

The Jena 6 situation is an example of the hatred and racism that exists in southern America, but it isn't isolated.

Two weeks ago a noose was found hanging in a tree outside the Nymburu Cultural Center at the University of Maryland. I guess it is just another innocent prank.

Last night…last night in Alexandria, LA., two admitted ku klux klan kard karrying krackers, were arrested for suspicion of DUI, among other things, after they were seen driving around town with two nooses hanging from the back of their pickup truck. Alexandria was the staging area for the Jena 6 protest yesterday which drew an estimated 15,000 demonstrators. Is this a coincidence?

Hell no! It was a message to the blacks. They may as well have been yelling from their pick up, “Stay in your place N***gers or we are going to kill you.”

At no time have I ever heard (and I may be wrong) of a lynching of a black person in the north. Northern whites may be racist, racist meaning they don’t want their daughter marrying a black man or racist meaning they don’t want blacks living next door, but their racism isn’t rooted in hatred as much as it is fear – fear of the unknown. Fear and ignorance are not the same as hatred and violence.

Southern racists hate black people so vehemently they would prefer them dead, “The only good n***ger is a DEAD n***ger.”

I cannot imagine what life is like as a black American regardless of the area of the country, but I would imagine in the south there is a fear instilled in you at a very early age. Can I sit under that tree? Can I walk into that barber shop? I better not look at that white girl.

Yeah, my view of the southern America isn’t going to change any time soon. I’ve been through there enough to know it is not a place where I would find too many like minded white people.

I've been criticized by a few for being "anti-southern" and have been told that things are not as bad as I think they are. Tell that to Mychal Bell!


Kim said...


arm jerker j said...

i'm anti-southern. and i'm southern. imagine that!
well, i agree to a point but not all of the south is at the extreme of jena. a lot of it in texas for example is more like your description of the north when it comes to racism.
believe me, i've dated all races. and that's about right. "not my son..."
but i think things get better while things get worse if that makes sense. just when i thought that things are going in a good direction, a guy gets accused of robbing a bank in frisco just because he's black. i plan to write on that soon.

Gpawilli said...

I know you are right and I think MOST racists are the "PLEASE don't date my daughter/son," but in Texas its probably the mexicans they dislike more than the blacks... haha

Well I have a son a couple years older than you... I'd love you to date him.... haha

He actually is dating a nice girl.... I like this one!

Sarah said...

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Anonymous said...

We can meet the nicest people who claim they are not racist - then their way of phrasing things when they are referring to others as those people - that gets on my last nerve when they start it.

Recently I had a new man move into my area and another neighbour asked what did he look like? I said he is very good looking - tall with longish hair rather salt and peppery. The next morning she is banging on my door as I opened it why didn't you tell me he was black? It pissed me off - I said you only asked what he looked like - you didn't ask what ethnicity he was.

Craziness... jeez!


Gpawilli said...

Thats a great comment Palestar. Its so true but I have to tell ya...

If a black person asks me to describe a white person the first thing out of my mouth would be that he/she is white and when a white peson asks me to describe a person who is black, again, the first thing out of my mouth would be that the person is black.

Its descriptive... but certainly not ill is meant... its jsut the first in a line of descriptors....

and Sarah... thanks for stopping by.. .I Will stop by your site.


Anonymous said...

You are right - it is knowing their intent tho and how that person thinks and is always spouting off at some nonsense how black people are so athletic - and all Italians are mafioso - all irish are drunks - all american indians are native american - when it is american indian - because an irish or german or spanish or the white boys born in American are native american truly - why does everyone require a frickin' label - cha cha cha... ;o)

Oh and while I am on the subject - Whoopi say she is not african american - she is an american of african decent - so there you go -another native american.

Whew talk about venting you are not the only on big guy... ;o) Whoo Hoo

Gpawilli said...

Re: Whoopi.... I saw that.. and I thought hmmmm.... I really rarely even use the term African American in conversation. I use black as my descriptor....well... that isnt exactly honest....

To see what I really use you would have to read the Profile page of my website. Under the 100 things you didn't know.... its in there.... without malice... and all of my friends know exactly what it means to me.

But my 'RETRO" word offends most even though I don't use it in a derogatory manner.

Anyway.... someimes I am politically incorrect... and I prefer to be that way... because its all for humor sake.


Anonymous said...

AS I have said it is about intent - and I do not see a vicious or racist bone in your body - politically incorrect is fine with me.

BTW when I signed in with my google it always argues with me - so I am other. whatever...

Palestar ;o)

Villager said...

I agree that racism exists in all areas of our country. However, that particularly strange fruit, lynching, is something that was used almost exclusively in the south. I invite you to see some of the stats and such on lynching if you have time or inclination.

peace, Villager