Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It appears there are leaks from Rosie O'Donnell's new book "Celebrity Detox" and that she may actually have come to her senses regarding Barbara Walters.

Below is from today's New York Times, Page Six:

September 11, 2007 -- JUST when Barbara Walters thought she was rid of Rosie O'Donnell, the out-of-control comic is about to plunge "The View" into another mess.

In an upcoming book on her tumultuous year on "The View," Rosie calls Walters "tired" and says the legendary TV personality ought to hang it up.

"Rosie sent me the book with a note telling me how much she loved me," Walters told "Extra" yesterday on the set of "The View."

"I have read the book - and I would like to concentrate on the love that she sent."

The quote - which appeared to have been carefully crafted - was classic, understated Walters.

The newswoman, who has mastered the ropes of international diplomacy over many years, did not say directly what she thought of the new book - called "Celebrity Detox."

But in her attempt to sidestep the controversy, she left little doubt that her so-called friendship with O'Donnell is over.

And for good reason.

In the book, Rosie says:

"And Barbara. At some point, a person gets tired. It's inevitable.

"Barbara Walters is almost twice my age . . . at some point it becomes necessary to step back.

"Everyone has to go. Going is part of the gig."

O'Donnell is 45. Walters is 77, according to her biography.

"Barbara is trying to focus on the love," a spokesman for Walters said yesterday.

"Barbara was saying, 'Rosie wrote the book, I read it and she sent me love notes with the book.' "

The book's vitriolic content was revealed first on Page Six yesterday.

It was supposed to be a big day for Walters and "The View" as they announced the long-delayed hiring of a new co-host, actress Sherri Shepherd. She replaces Star Jones, who left more than a year ago.

But the news of Rosie's slash-and-burn book on the show was a wet blanket on the set.

"And I would be less-than-honest if I were to say that there is no trouble between Barbara and I," O'Donnell writes. "I mean, our differences are obvious."

O'Donnell tells the story about people in "The View" audience sometimes yelling "I love you, Rosie," during a commercial break - "and Barbara politely tells them in a schoolteacher tone, 'It is impolite to say I love you to one person when there are four us up here.'

"There are many rules I don't understand," O'Donnell writes.

Stories of O'Donnell's run-ins with Walters reached a head after Rosie's very public spat with Donald Trump over Trump's giving Miss USA, Tara Conner, a second chance after she admitted to boozing and partying.

O'Donnell called Trump a "pimp" and mocked his challenged hairstyle; he, in turn, called O'Donnell a "fat pig," among other choice names.

O'Donnell then accused Walters of supporting Trump behind her back.

"Rosie loves and adores Barbara and always will," O'Donnell's publicist, Cindi Berger, told The Post yesterday.

Well I think it is about time. Rosie has defended Barbara Walters for far too long.

Barbara Walter's says she created "The View" so women of different generations could get together and talk about issues. There are flaws in her concept. First, being the "Queen of the Politically Correct," Barbara never gives her opinion. Claiming that she is a journalist she cannot (will not) give her opinion. Secondly, she cringes and apologizes for those who do. She shies away from the very concept she created. During Ro's feud with The Dumptruck at no time did Barbara TRULY stand up for her and God forbid she should stand up for her numerous episodes with Elizabitch.

As co-creator of "The View" Barbara Walters, along with Bill Geddes, owns the show and pulls the purse strings; therefore,when Rosie was negotiating to extend her contract to stay, although she denies it, it was Barbara Walters who would not give her the $10,000,000 she correctly requested. Additionally, at no time have I ever heard Barbara thank Rosie for the tons of money that Rosie made her (by increasing the ratings by nearly 20%).

Rosie, staying true to herself, and believing in loyalty, has never come out and say it publicly (at least I don't think) how hurt she is by Barbara Walter's actions over the past year. Maybe "Celebrity Detox" will detail her true feelings. I guess we will have to wait until October 9th.


Bobby said...

The Book sounds interesting. I love how the media will take pieces of PART OF A STORY and spin it. I cannot wait to read the WHOLE STORY.

Gpawilli said...

Oh, same here. I will be at Barnes and Noble bright and early on the 9th!

Anonymous said...

I have pre-ordered it on Amazon. I feel that RO's book has nothing to do with the demise of the View. Gettes and Barbara knew exactly what they were doing when bringing RO onto the show. They wanted to boost their ratings - and they did.

The fact that the show is going to fold has nothing to do with Whoopi and Joy and even Sherri - this has to do with people KNOWING what Barbara - Bill along with Elisabeech did and how they are trying by inuendo and outright lies make RO the fall guy. TOO late we know what manipulators they are and are ceratainly tired of hearing and seeing it. As I have said before there is distinct odour around the View - it is the smell of bull-shit. And we are being served it every day - personally I am on a diet - that does not allow crap. So there you go. I am glad I said it...


Gpawilli said...

Palestar -

Im glad you did too.