Saturday, September 22, 2007


I am opposed to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and I believe that those associated with sending our young men and women to war should be tried at the Hague as war criminals.........

But I support our troops... just as All Americans do... even those that oppose this war!

I hope you enjoy this video I made.



Kim said...

Very nice piece. Well done.

Is that Steisand singing?

Gpawilli said...

Hey Kim -

No it is Linda Eder. It is from the concept album (I mean CD) for the Broadway show The Civil War.

I have always loved the song.

Glad you enjoyed and just so you know... I still have everything crossed for you amd M.


Ms George said...

so do you support the continued funding for the troops that enables this occupation to continue?

Gpawilli said...

Wow Kari -

Thats a difficult one for me.

I want us out of Iraq as soon as possible but we need A PLAN to extracate ourselves, unlike when we went into Iraq.

I think it is impossible to pick up and leave immediately. It will take several months, if not years.

If it were possible to fund certain aspects, functions, missions, whatever you want to call them that would make sense to me.

HOWEVER, I sure would like a full accounting of the money we have spent there. I hear the billions upon billions are unaccounted for - and I can tell you who has this money..... the friends of our President and Vice President.

Anonymous said...

Weird thing I cannot play your youtube either here or when I go to youtube - on youtube I hear Linda singing but it freezes - strange...


Gpawilli said...

HMMMMM.... I will upload it again to Youtube and then to the blog again.


Mom G said...

Beautifully done.
Yes, you can support our troops and NOT SUPPORT THE DECISION TO GO TO WAR....
i still have two young men fighting there.
both on their 2nd tours....both HEROES, both loved & missed here at home.
both just call me
mama G

Gpawilli said...

Your two young men were called by their leaders to accomplish their mission.

Isn't it too bad the commander-in-chief doesn't know what the hell he is doing.

I pray for their safe return and the safe return of all of our young men and women.


Anonymous said... are amazingly talented...beautiful in a painful kind of way
Not really involved here as my dad died this week and I am so devastated that it's hard to bring two sentences(that make any sense) together.
What I do know is You make sense and I absolutely love coming to your site
Be A Great Day (((Chris)))

Gpawilli said...

Neicey -

Thank you for the heart felt appreciation but I am so sorry for your loss.

My heart goes out to you and your family and you will definitely be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Chris - do you have a host for your blog? OR just thru google... curious.

Gpawilli said...

The host for the blog is currently blogsot and the host for my website (which somehow has a blog too) is lunarpages with the website created with Coffeecup software.

Who is asking by the way?


Anonymous said...

Sent you an e-mail - Palestar

Jake said...

Wow. Powerful, Chris.
One of my best friends is a medic in Afghanistan at this moment on his second tour. He is not there blindly; rather, he is there to help the wounded best he can, both soldiers and civilian Afghanis. What he has a problem with is why he is there in the first place. When he first left, he was so young and ready to help- he still is but now, he is hardened, jaded and bitter. He can't help himself but return. We can't help ourselves but think of where he is all the time.
I am in Canada. He is Canadian. Each day the CBC reports on fallen soldiers and I literally hold my breath that his name is not called. It has not. I hold on to a couple more months-
You can search my blog (JBLOG) on my website to read my 9/11 blog and my thoughts on him if you wish.
Thanks for something so hauntingly beautiful.

Gpawilli said...

Jake -

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the encouraging comment. I'm enjoying the things I have been creating lately.

I stopped by your site and will be doing more of it in the future. Im a little tired tonight so I can't read any more.

Take care and thanks again for the encouraging words.