Sunday, September 16, 2007


Has everyone seen the video where that scary mascara covered, young man (Chris Crocker) cries and yells at everyone to "Leave Britney alone?" He posted it on YouTube after Britney Spears' awkward performance at the VMAs last Sunday. I nearly posted the original Chris Crocker video because I thought he was so demented, I mean, please... I love Barbra but I would never cry and scream over a bad performance because

A - Barbra has never given a bad performance and
B - Well... okay...I total lied. They just talk about Barbra on one of those trashy entertainment shows like ET or Extra and my tear ducts go into overdrive.

But I wouldn't scream at people about her... oh wait... well that is not entirely true either.

I'm certain I wouldn't put a video on the internet of myself looking like a complete mess and screaming at people...NOW THAT IS TRUE!

anyway... look at Seth Green's take on the Chris Crocker video, oh yeah.. he plugs his new show too.


Anonymous said...


Stay safe... Palestar

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a picture of you about to hit me with a vodka bottle when i said Barbra sang flat...

And frankly I thought Chris Crocker looked like Ginger Snap...


Gpawilli said...

Mr Anonymous (and I'm sure it is loosley a Mr)-

Why anonymous? Afraid I will come after you for such blaspheme?

arm jerker j said...

I just cried laughing!

Anonymous said...

That was a different anonymous - Chris take a trip to my site and you will see your lovely videos - thanks for sharing.

I really have nothing to say regarding Seth and his insanity - haha.

Later - Palestar

Bobby said...

I love Seth Green. He makes fun of everything, and everyone. My favorite show is ROBOT CHICKEN. Love it! Always makes me laugh!

This Chris Crocker dude; all his videos are over the top, but getas millions of hits. I love Drama queens. Well; watching them!

Thanks Chris man!