Friday, September 28, 2007


What follows is my current top ten favorites. It changes often but most are always on my list:

1 – Spending time with Noelle alone

2 – Going to a Broadway Musical

3 – A Solo Cross country trip

4 - Spending the day alone singing Streisand and Show tunes

5 – Laughing

6 – Walking or lying on a deserted beach in Hawaii – preferably alone

7 – A good margarita

8 – Edna Bitely

9 – Reading a really good book

10 – A satisfying BM

The above are not necessarily in order. Please tell me yours.....


Michele said...

ok here goes....
1. current favorite--watching video blog of A&B (Annette & Bobby) because they're funny!! :)
2. Playing softball--LOVE IT
3. Skiing with my family
5. Relaxing on the beach ahhhh the smell of the ocean air.
6. Comedy show or watching for ex: Kathy Griffin on t.v.
7. Peanut Butter fudge icecream
8. Watching my 2 boys play sports
9. Blastin my favorite tunes in the car of course when I'm not with the kids
10. Exercise--1 good sweat a day, I know gross but it clears my mind

Gpawilli said...

Michele -

You think your #10 was grosser than mine?


Michele said...

NO WAY yours was grosser & luckily for myself I don't have a problem in that area WAY TMI

Gpawilli said...




Bobby said...

1. Enjoying the weather
2. Going to Key West
3. Writing
4. Listening to music
5. Playing a video game
6. Reading a good book
7. Rocky Road Ice Cream
8. Lauging
9. Shopping
10. Looking for true love...

meliluvsu said...

hmm... that was a pretty gross number husband's kisses children's smiles
3.the goofy look izzy gets on her face when she knows she did something wrong
4.any kind of ice cream... i need ice cream anonamys.
5.listening to Remy sing along to the cd in the back seat. He knows all the words...
6.the sun husband's arms around me when we are sitting on the couch watching tv. moms buterfly garden
9.being able to still keep in touch with all of you, even with my now busy schedule.
10.SEX, I'm with Michelle,one good sweat a day helps clear up A LOT of things.... =)

Anonymous said...

Hangin’ with my Flickr family – Ya Ya!
Cooking mise en place in a gourmet kitchen
Music of most kinds
Taking a nice long shower
Sleeping between clean sheets after showering
Going to Olive garden
Writing into my iMac
Taking Photos/restoring photos
Watching films on my iMac
Traveling with a friend
All my bodily functions working properly

11 - favourite - I never do an uneven numbers...

Gpawilli said...

Palestar -

I love the bodily functions comment.....

It lets ya know you are alive.

arm jerker j said...

No. 7 is surely one of mine too.

1. Photography
2. Writing
3. Blogging
4. My kitty Ms. Tiger Lily
5. Blogging
6. Wonderful candles
7. Sonic slushes
8. IFC channel
9. Men in Trees (the show too!)
10. Cooking

(man there are so many more....and those were not really in an order, except the photography.)

Jake said...

in no particular order:
1- summer sun/ evening cocktails
2- falling asleep in front of the fireplace after a great day of skiing and a great (glass of) red
3- writing in a flow that gives me 15- 20 pages of great stuff
4- tirimisu
5- a fab organic steak
6- being with with great friends, having a blast
7- a day of riding on an open range, finishing it off with a camp fire and a nip o' scotch (that's one thing, right?)
8- being at the farm
9- road trips to PEI in the summer
10- new music that blows my mind

[hmmm- i know. i like a good drink.]