Thursday, October 4, 2007


I have returned and what a whirlwind, wonderful weekend. I was able to make my way back to Kalamazoo without anyone finding out, therefore, there was a surprise involved.

Late in the afternoon Friday we called a taxi cab to take us to the airport. US Airways automatically upgraded us to first class which caused an unexpected problem for Fettit. Can you imagine…getting a first class upgrade being a problem? I can’t!

Fettit’s sister flew through Phoenix on her way back to Michigan and we coordinated our flights so we could fly together; however, we were upgraded. Fettit felt compelled to sit in the back with her; however, when we got to the airport we learned the flight was sold out. Later we learned her flight was delayed so we debated whether to board before she arrived at the gate or when they first announced boarding.

I like to board early so I left Fettit at the gate waiting for Donna, or I thought I left him at the gate waiting for Donna, but when I got to the airplane door he was right on my heals. We put away our carry-ons, ordered a gin and tonic and a vodka and soda and waited for his sister to board.

Donna boarded the plane and instantly glared in our direction. She learned in Salt Lake City we had been seated in first class so she knew exactly where to look when she entered the plane and came aboard loaded for bear…supposedly joking, but I think she was bothered. She knew we had no choice but it still upset her.

I wonder if it bothered her more on the way home - we were upgraded again.

The flight was uneventful, including my sad spinach and walnut salad and Fettit’s Curry Chicken pasta. The drinks flowed liberally but not too much that I couldn’t drive safely. We sent Donna a glass of wine to the back and the flight attendant got a huge laugh when Fettit asked the her (quite seriously) if he could send his pie four rows back. She told him it was the funniest request she had ever received.

The party on Saturday was a smashing success (WATCH THE VIDEO). My crazy-eyed, good looking 50 year old brother with a clown-sized smile was genuinely surprised when I arrived. Although he initially believed I was coming home, my scent went cold when his lovely, long lost daughter surprised him and flew into Grand Rapids with his youngest granddaughter.

Starting with my unexpected arrival, there was plenty of excitement and laughs throughout the evening. Usually understated, my oldest brother Frank pretended to sing with the birthday quartet, lip-syncing the words and making funny faces and acting like he belonged.

Near the end of the evening a drunken bar patron backed up into two cars making then look like conjoined twins and Kevin, whose car was in the next spot practically hopped over the two story railing to find that his car was also involved. Screaming like his hair was in fire, he learned his bumper was slightly scratched; however the scratch was only visible with a jeweler’s loupe.

My nephew Steve rushed to Kevin’s defense when a passer-by called him Elton John and he proceeded to hit on the female cop telling her that he “likes a woman with a gun.” She shot him down without a bullet.

Later he disappointed a "MILF" by passing out on her during the drive home as friends and family members lusted over an extended cousin model with a killer smile and two nieces couldn’t hold on to the bucking bull long enough tame the beast.

The next day, after spending time with family, I drove the back roads to Fenton (2 hours away) to join the Motown lesbian cookout, but didn’t arrive soon enough to have grilled food with Fettit’s sister Clara or to see her passionate flower.

I did arrive in time to encounter an uncomfortable lesbian love connection that lead to drama for all those in attendance and the scheduled bonfire was postponed by two hours as we attempted to remove the clods and dead weeds from the fire-ring.

The weather was unseasonably warm for late September until Monday when we received a special gift. It rained all day so we drove to Detroit and lost our king crab leg money at the casino so we had to feed Ma and Pa Bishba Stouffer’s lasagna.

Yesterday we arrived home early in the morning and all I could think about seeing Noelle and getting Eddie B home. Within a couple of hours Noelle was running down the driveway screaming “Papa… Papa.”

We kept her overnight and then she was off to her first night at the daycare. She is getting so big and at 21 months can count to three. I spent time reading to her and having her name the different colors and fell in love listening to her say purple.

I think she is a genius and the cutest child ever born. I was looking at her last night and had a flashback. She looked just like her mother and for an instant my eyes started to welled up.

Later we took her out to dinner and as we were leaving the restaurant she stopped by every table to say goodbye. She is just too damn cute!


Kim said...

Yeehaw! That looks like one good party!

Gpawilli said...

It was Kim... It WAS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you it was great to see. May I share it on my site as well?

Oh, and welcome back - I would take 1st class anytime

Ya Ya!


Gpawilli said...

Of course you can post it on your site. I always like the publicity (please give my site a plug.. haha)and the more people to see us fools....the better!


Anonymous said...

I already did - hehe! Ya Ya...!

When are you starting to work? Excited?

What with the Brad - Craig mention?

Michele said...

Hey Chris,
Looks like a fun time was had by all!! Enjoyed watching it, thanks.

shortmama910 said...

Looks like it was FUN! FUN! FUN!!

Glad you had !xoxo

Bobby said...

The pic compilation was cool; I like the ending with the book in hand. How I have done that before! I was LOL !!!!

Sounds like the party went really well, and the overall flight there and back was upgradeable!!!!!!

Ok; NOW MR. CHRIS!!! I live 45 minutes away from DETROIT. You gambled without me!!!!! Annette and I could have rolled up there for some fun. Greek Town or MGM ??? I am curious which one you went too!!!!!!!! There is always a next time!!!!!!!

On a final note; I know the feeling of a drunk hitting a car in the parking lot. I had the same thing happen to me. However, the woman was a police officer. Go figure. She was an ornery lesbian, with a bad disposition. I badge her, she badges me. It was quite the standoff until the other lesbians in the area took my side. She was truly nice in the end, and paid for the headlight and scraped pant on my car. I also got my black Lab Miranda from her as a gift a few years later. Weird…..

Gpawilli said...

Bobby -

I know how close you live to Detriot. And oddly enough I thought of you each time I saw a sign on the highway for Toledo.

We went to Greektown because the MGM was closed. They opened the new and improved MGM yesterday (two days too late for me) and we wanted to go... but no luck.

NEXT TIME..... I will let you know....

arm jerker j said...

Aw man. Looks like a hell of a weekend! I wanna party like a rockstar...

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun to watch, and I was there even. You got some great pictures!

Anonymous said...

2288 beckley.
Your brother has the most amazing smile. Cant believe he is 50. How much work has he had done or is that all natural? How many years older are you than him? And what size is that diamond he is wearing?
I am a supermodel/waiter in New york city and think he is really hot!!

Gpawilli said...

I Posted your comment you crazy eyed quinquagenarian. You think you can post things without me knowing its you?

Don't forget to look up the meaning of Quinquagenarian!!!

Thanks Matt

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I was called a MILF....

"that girl"

Gpawilli said...

My defense is this:

I didn't call you a MILF....those words belonged to someone else.

But I am laughing my ass off here...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party. But its a shame Kevins handsome grandson Ryan didnt rate a picure in the video. Hope he doesnt see it, it would make him cry Uncle Chris!!

Gpawilli said...

The filmmaker and editor of all videos cannot accomodate all the requests and will not be coerced into trying to keep EVERYONE happy.

There will be no more revisions to the party video.

When he gets older just tell him he was sick and did not attend. He won't know it isn't the truth.

Anonymous said...

Your 2 favorite nieces love the video. Tricia's in Chicago, and we're heading out. Talk to you soon.