Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I recently started listening to Air America, the radio network dedicated to progressive ideas. On one of the shows today there was a story about a hardworking American couple who are about to lose their house because the wife was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer and they do not have health insurance.

This is just one story in thousands, maybe even tens of thousands.

Your neighbors who worked 60 hours a week to make ends meet, celebrated the birth of your children, kept their lawn manicured, and helped shuttle your children to soccer practice are losing their houses and their lives.

They are no different than you. Their values are your values. They love their children, have helped take care of their parents, and paid their taxes.

America is the riches nation on the earth. Our government spends billions of dollars on nonsensical congressional pet projects. We send billions of aid to other countries, but most importantly we are currently spending one trillion dollars on the liberation and occupation of Iraq – which is now in the middle of a civil war.

We can spend one trillion dollars killing thousands of American soldiers and several hundred thousand innocent Iraqi children, women and men, but we can not offer affordable or free health care to our citizens?

What is wrong with us?

Where are our morals?

As a country what do we value?

The Conservative Christian movement shouts from every television news show that the United States of America was a nation built on Christian principles. Where is the Christian principle in letting the country’s children and poor die or be kicked out onto the streets? How is it that a choice needs to be made between food and medical care, or housing and prescription drugs?

And while I am on the Christians - I am certain that Honoring thy father and mother doesn’t primarily mean not talking back. It also means ensuring they are given proper medical care and are not forced to live in their car.

How did this country get so far from its belief in, and care for, its people? When was it decided that invading countries that could do no harm to us was more important than making certain that every American - our children and elderly included – is receiving proper medical care?

American corporations are making record profits, stocks are at an all-time high, and yet medical benefits are denied to one-fifth of the American population. One in five honest, hardworking Americans are without adequate healthcare.

Corporate America once took care of their employees. That is a thing of the past. While their profits climb to unfathomable levels their employees cannot afford to pay for their doctor visits or prescriptions. There are more working poor now than ever in the history of this country – and yet we remain the world’s wealthiest citizens.

When are we going to elect representatives to Washington who share the belief that our citizens are important? That children matter and we value or senior citizens? When are we going to hold our representatives to the principle that all Americans deserve healthcare – not just the wealthy?

Which congressmen or senator is going to realize that every American deserves the same health benefits they receive and that each CEO in the country takes for granted? More importantly, when are we going to elect a President who works for the best interest of the electorate instead of his wealthy fraternity buddies?

As usual, I am outraged that we have allowed our government to ignore us, take us for granted and spit in our faces as they and their corporate brothers line their pockets and plan more wars to continue the generous of military wealth.

Not a week goes by without me sending an email or letter to one of my representatives – but nothing seems to change – and we need a change.

We all need to talk to anyone who will listen to us. We need to be writing letters and emails, we need to be blogging, and we need to be loud and unified in our belief that people deserve more, and are worth more healthy and alive than sickly, on the streets or dead – and that if our government does wake up and change – we will change our government.


Jake said...

Amazing post, Chris! Truly.
I recommend everyone watch the Documentary Zeitgeist The Movie: Federal Reserve. Here is PT 1 which links to four other parts as well:
A great way to look, listen, think and question. That's all.

Gpawilli said...

Jake -

Sometimes I write and my mind is going 400 miles a minute.

This post just made sense to me and I didnt have my thoughts going every which way.

Im so tired of what so many people think is important.

Yes... I value all my electronic toys but in so many ways I long to go back to a much simpler life where our common experience was more important that what kind of car we drove or what designer label we have on our shoes and dresses.

I admit to being caught up in a small way... but strip me of my sling box and my ocassional first class travel and I would rather be living in Idaho among the trees and nature.

I am trapped...but at the same time I know that people need basics... and one of those basics is healthcare.

I HONESTLY wish MORE people would read this post.... of all the posts I have written this makes the most sense to me.

Thanks for your commentsmy friend.

neicey said...

This is our Crisis in all of North America
Do not stop writing..you may not see the changes, but you are making a difference.
I work in a homeless shelter for kids...should never need such a thing.
My dad died last month, so my mom is getting the squeeze because she was a stay at home mom...driving me f.....g crazy.
We, in Canada are fortunate to have free health care..but it doesn't mean that everyone can get a drug plan(me) and if they do have a drug plan it doesn't necessarily cover all medications. So you have people not taking their meds on a regular basis if at all because they need to 'prioritize' shelter/food or health. Because our countries are so rich it should be a Right not a Privilege to all have coverage! Don't start me on Mental Health Issues it's 3:40 in the morning. Sorry your blog and I'm ranting

Mom G said...

I write too.
Sam Graves continues to stand by Bush and not our children. He responds with a letter to me with his good ole'boy crap. Telling me he will continue to stand with Bush... we had a protest march on his office here. He was no where to be found....
Makes me so angry....then I write more letters....
Mom G

Michele said...

Hey Chris
Great post!!! I'm a a stay at home mom, my husband is self-employed works his ass off 6 days a week! I'm "officially" his 1 employee so that we can get a decent affordable plan. We pay over $600.00 a month no prescription plan, no eye coverage & no dental with a high deductible. But for now it serves it's purpose especially having children & it's all we can afford! so many go without insurance my Aunt & Uncle raised 2 children NEVER had insurance. It's something that needs to be fixed!! I could go on & on about it.... FANTASTIC POST!!

Gpawilli said...

Robin -

Not knowing who Sam Graves is I Googled him.

Sounds like you have yor handsful with this guy. He must be one of the few true Bushie's who remain in office. But I see he may have a real contender this next election in Kay Barnes.

Lets hope he losses his seat!!!!

Gpawilli said...

Michelle -

It sounds like your insurance is expensive and SUCKS!

Its part of what I touched on..... having to make a decision between prescriptions and food.

Its offensive!

Jake said...

One more from me-
I agree with Niecey. Although we in Canada are lucky to have basic medical, it doesn't cover drug. For years I was on anti-depressants and could afford to be as I was with a major company that had a drug plan. But since being on my own, it's been very hard. Although I now do CBT, therapists are very expensive and not covered under basic. Certainly not crying- as Niecey said, we are fortunate to have what we do in Canada.

Gpawilli said...

Jake -

It sounds like Canada has a good system, but not perfect one. It has to be better than nothing which is was 50 million Americans have...........

So the Canadian plan does not cover prescription drugs? Are they discounted in some way?

I think the drugs are cheaper in Canada than they are here though, right? Because the government was complaining about Americans going to Canada to get cheaper drugs there....

Anonymous said...

Great post little bro!!

Gpawilli said...


mom G said...

Going to be out there knocking on doors for her!
Love her!
She has a lot of support here in town. She is from here and has come twice to town. Many came to see her. We have hope.
Graves sends me letters all the time, always standing by Bush!
Can't wait till election time!!!
By the way, I still think you should run. Everyone alive has a past, Sweetie... just think about our Bill.
God, I still love him. I never cared about the past. Always got to think of the future. The future of our children.....just a thought....I think you would be great! I'd sure as hell vote for you!!!

Gpawilli said...


I think it would be fun to run for office.....

then all the picture of me in drag would come out like they did for Guiliani... hahaha