Saturday, October 6, 2007


Opening December 21st is a movie I have been looking forward to for many years. I always enjoyed the music and listening to my friend Matt tell me about the story.

The original starred Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame. I was fortunate to see the recent revival starring Patti Lupone and Michael Cerveris. The staging and direction blew me away, as did the story and the music.

The Stephen Sondheim musical is a dark and haunting, twisted tale of revenge. The story revolves around the murdering barber, Sweeney Todd, and Mrs Lovett, his pie-making accomplice, who disposes of the victims' bodies in an eerie, yet entrepreneurial fashion.

One of my favorite songs "Not While I'm Around," comes from this show and it also includes the haunting "Joanna," the highly inventive "A Little Priest" as well as the Broadway standard "Pretty Women."

The movie is directed by Tim Burton, the man behind Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many other offbeat movies, and it stars one of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp, as well as Helena Bonham Carter, and Borat himself, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Alan Rickman.

Although I have not seen the movie I highly recommend it based on the story, the music, the cast and the often warped vision of Tim Burton.


Anonymous said...

oooh bloody hell - what a clip - I love Johnny Depp - actually have the original broadway soundtrack with Angela Lansbury - she too, is awesome.

Johnny Depp can transform himself into the most interesting characters. A little scary here. At first when the trailer started I was thinking Le Miz .

Suffice to say - it WOKE me up for sure.

Take care... I am off for HOT tea - it is really chilly here... YA YA ! Palestar

Gpawilli said...

When Tim Burton is involved you know it is going t obe twisted and dark.

I dont have the original I have the Patti Lupone revival CD and I love it.

Johnny Depp is my favorite actor because he does transform himself for every role, even more so than Sean Penn who I think is brilliant.

They both play characters, not themselves in new situations, like Tom Cruise.

I can't wait to see this movie.

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson - same same same.
Love Patti and Johnny - always.

Gpawilli said...

Oh God... I forgot about Jack ...



Who is Patti though? Patti Hearst?


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD....can't wait!!!!
Hope it's playing in Palm Springs!!!

And he sings my favorite song in that clip...the Epiphany!!


Anonymous said...

Who is Patti? D'uh you mentioned her yourself - Patti LuPone - you character - did you have a senior moment?

Anonymous said...

Palestar is anonymous this last time... ;-)

Gpawilli said...

Boy that WAS a senior moment huh?

I was wracking my brain trying to think who Patti was.... thinking of movie actresses.


Anonymous said...

Although Johnny Depp is always brilliant he is no Elija Wood!!
Just a thought

Gpawilli said...

OH Kevin