Thursday, October 18, 2007


What exactly does "No Child Left Behind" mean?

It doesn't mean education....

and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean health care.

It's all smoke and mirrors!!!


arm jerker j said...

Ok. Somebody had to say it. I think it's a load of (fill in the blank here). I've yet to, still don't, never will understand what the heck it means. Risking sounding all liberal but I think it's a scam.

Gpawilli said...

No apologies for being a LIBERAL... even though I like the new PROGRESSIVE title better.

TO me they both mean... CARING!

Anonymous said...

gary says

the only part I did not like is a family could qualifie if they stayed under 80k a year. I am not sure how many kids that would allow.

I know on 80k a year you should be able to buy some form of insurance without the gov paying for it.

We don't need another form of welfare in this country. I want to see atleast 1 Social Security check before I die!