Friday, October 5, 2007


For those that have not seen "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" this is a little clip. I love this show. It's on Thursday nights on FX and they show two episodes in a row. It comes on at 10pm in Arizona so probably 11pm in the eastern and pacific time zones. It is not for everyone but I love the irreverent humor and the adult and real-world language - unlike the regular broadcast networks. In this case it's gay humor and... well... watch for yourself and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.... The second clip is an American Idol rip-off. I think the girl is funny as Paula...I'm not drunk I'm just really exhausted..........


Jake said...

OMG! Chris! THat's hilarious! I have been in that situation a few times. With academics; straight males that are "way cool" with their sexuality and want to prove it to you by spouting off what they "know" about gay culture! I have sent this vid to them all! Don't think we get it here in Canuck yet. I'll be watching out for it.

arm jerker j said...

Ah geez, I love that show. I need to go dig up my favorite phrases from it...hold on.......

"Crawl in my mouth."

"I don't think I can fit."

"Sure you can, just go one leg at a time." --the episode when danny devito was on acid and was going to the potty in that trailer at the tailgate party and got locked out. Also from that episode was, "Real champs eat at McDonalds." and "Your body is 90 percent scoliosis."

"This dumpster baby is heavy." --you know that episode.

Man, I'm mad. During the move my dad threw my most favorite ones away, mistaking it for trash.

And I, unlike you, am on my way to drunk. Ahahaha!

Gpawilli said...

J -

I should not be surprised that you know this show and appreciate it no less.

I was just turned on to the show this year. While in NYC this past August I found the advertisements for it so when I came home I immediately programmed my DVR.

Jake - the show is on FX if you have access to FX.

I will continue to record it and when the mood strikes me I will be posting more clips.

Jake said...

Okay- I just found four episodes from season 1, four from season 2, and four from season 3. I'm watching them now. Thanks for the new addiction!

Gpawilli said...

Jake -

You need to let me know where you found the other episodes.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

I watched the show season one and got Buckaroo to watch it too.

We stopped watching though just before Danny Devito came onboard. I thought he'd ruin the show.

Buckaroo started watching it again when his TiVo recorded it as a suggestion. I sat in on a couple episodes and I'll admit I may have been wrong about Devito. It stills seems as funny if not funnier than ever.

Problem is I have waaaaay too many TV shows I'm already trying to watch, so I really can't add another.

Gpawilli said...

Fortunately I don't watch much TV. I like Desperate Housewife and Sons and Daughters. I love the Riches on FX when it is on and Entourage and Big Love on HBO as well Other than that there is nothing I really have to watch.

Believe it or not during the summer we watch all the Diamonback games and little else.

Of course I have to watch Y&R daily.