Thursday, October 4, 2007


I received a call a few minutes ago from my brother who wanted to inform me that I failed to mention that Miss Sara, his car that received the infinitesimal scratch on the bumber, is in fact a Cadillac.

I apologize for the ommission. It was not intentional... ya crazy-eyed freak.

Hope you are feeling the love!


Anonymous said...

well, chris, years ago I had a cadillac - the only car I ever owned - someone sideswiped my rear fender - it cost $700. bucks to fix BTW - there were witnesses - he was 5'3" - when he saw it was a woman he swiped - he decided he did not want to pay - took him to court.

He then tried to say I backed into him - the judge called the witness - my uncle came into the courtroom - in full uniform- [he was a police officer stood 6'5"] - on the stand he told them I was parked so I could not have backed into him - man said it was a set up - how do you know she did not back out? He said simple - I had the keys!!!

Dismissed - So the little napolianic punk wound up paying $5,000. and spent 3 nites in the slammer for contempt of court. HE had raised his voice and screamed at me - Not a good thing!!!

Just to let you know I wore big ass-ed glasses too - reminded me of your brother. I- suffice to say had a bit of a cow and I am sure he shrank a couple of inches when I hollered - hehe -


Gpawilli said...

I love it.... sure hope Kevin reads this.....HAHAHAHA

Great story!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the cadillac???

As long as the RING is safe!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what ring


Gpawilli said...

Those who know my brother know of his ice-cube sized diamond that usually finds its way into each photo.

If you look closely at the photos in the movie you will find the diamond.

Anonymous said...

Singing: "I got me a cadillac, cadillac, cadillac, I got me a cadillac car" Oh "I got me a cadillac cadillac cadillac, I got me a cadillac caaarrrr" Oh......

Anonymous said...

Matt, Thank you so much for your concern. I am pleased to say all two magnificent karats surrounded by 6 beautiful saphires in a creative gold setting are fine! And always for sale!!