Thursday, October 11, 2007

America's Number One Enemy

While I contemplate part two of my Celebrity Detox review I have to rant about America's number one enemy.

Can you guess who I think is America's Number One enemy is?

No I'm not talking about the deceased Saddam Hussein
No I'm not talking about King George or Evil Dick
No I'm not talking about Mahmoud Imaneedahanjob

The person that hates America more than anyone is horse face Ann Coulter.

Ann hates all BLACKS
Ann hates all GAYS
Ann hates all LATINS
Ann hates all POOR
Ann hates all SENIORS
Ann hates all NON CHRISTIANS

Ann probably hates all diabled people
Ann probably hates all seeing eye dogs
Ann probably hates all left handed people
Ann probably hates all non-missionary position people
Ann probably hates all babies
Ann probably hates all kittens
Ann probably hates HER PARENTS (or is that the other way around?)

Ann Coulter is anti-American and she needs to be tortured!

Oh yeah... I found this funny clip.... I had to include it:


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD...I just hate that TRAN Coulter!!!....and NO that was NOT a typo....Look at her..she has an Adam's Apple :(

love, Matt-CHU xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I must disagree - Ann must be IGNORED - as if she is a non-entity - she craves publicity with all the venom and crap that pours out of vile mouth. Ignoring would be better...

I believe.

Thanks for voting on my poll...
stay safe - Palestar

Bobby said...


Ann Coulter; a great example of someone caught up in the celeb-ville. time for detox. Feeding off of fame created out of controversy. I doubt that she feels much of this, but is enjoying the focus and highlights of herself amongst the so many making headlines. Soon it will be too late, and her lost path will eat her up. Ann will disappear into the shadows where many no stand. Nameless to a point, but just a passing thought in a moment.

Gpawilli said...

I love the TRAN COULTER comment.. I should post the photo Matt sent me that clearly shows her Adams apple. Perhaps she is a tranny or....

Maybe she was born with ambiguous genitalia. It is a bigger condition than most of us know.

With all issues this shim has I am sure she was born with a small penis but they thought it was an enlarged clitoris so herm parents raised shim as a female. One ugly woman!

Bobby…. I know you are right about her being just a blip in a history and she will be gone from our consciousness soon enough, but the problem is I want her gone now. She is venom filled vermin and she does have a following.