Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today would have been my 27th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it.

I was a child bride.... I mean Groom!


neicey said...

Not sure if there is a card out yet for this type of occasion...but...Happy Day Love
Way too young to be looking at 27!! Are you 2 friends?

Gpawilli said...

Thanks Denise.... NO we are not friends. We can be friendly but we unfortunately we are not friends.

When we separated I hoped we would be friends but it soon turned ugly. She stole my beautiful girls from me for many years and denied them the opportunity to know me.

And I resented it....

and now.. all these years later I live only a few miles from both of my girls (and the ex). And although she stole all those years from me... I still love them and they love me and we are close.

She resents that I left her and I resent that she took their childhood from me.

We can be friendly but unfortunately... too much hurt has passed between us and its now too difficult to be friends.

neicey said...

parent alienation is one of the horrific forms of child abuse/neglect!! I am deeply sorry for you and the girls...for some it really fucks up their child development..really pisses me off! A lot of kids I work with and adult clients struggle with all the issues of grief and feelings of abandonment. Sometimes we need to protect our children and we do this in a responsible child-centered approach...not vindictive, bitchy, and damaging..here I go again...oopsie...On a lighter note I am so happy that your Light is on with Noelle...it's so rewarding without the pressure of 'writing everything you do down' worrying about allegations etc...you know the deal..Enjoy..I know you do, that is why you, sweetheart touch my heart so(it doesn't hurt you're smart, cute and hilarious) xoxo

Gpawilli said...

Thanks Neicey.....

I always say I'm a fortunate man.

Even with the crap from the past, my girls and I were able to get past it.... But it isn't the same as having experienced all those years together.

Its something I need to write about because I have much to say about it and have never expressed much about the "stolen years."

During those years I kept a journal.. many many volumes.... like 20.... but they were stolen. They contain the pain from that time.

I'd love for them to "reappear" so I could more completely explain those years to the girls.

I have explained much and that is why we were able to get past it, but I wrote the journals so they could truly see and experience their absense through my words.

BUT NOW I HAVE NOELLE.... Grandpa loves his girl!!!

....and thanks for the sweet words Neiecy.... my head is swelling.... haha

arm jerker j said...

Whoa. Didn't know you were once married! Very serial...