Thursday, October 4, 2007


A few days prior to making my surprise trip back to Michigan for Kevin’s and Craig's birthday I received the following email from Kevin. I thought it was perfect to include here. I have edited it some but the words are all his:

… I stopped at 2288 Beckley Rd yesterday and talked to the woman
who now owns it. They bought it for near to nothing and she gave me a
tour of the house they are building on it. The house will sit like just
behind where the garage was.

The place is gorgeous.

The man building it is a local building inspector and he specializes in
wood. So he is doing it all himself and the wood inside is wonderful -
solid cherry throughout.

The big two story windows that Larry had put on his addition are going
to be the entrance to their family room off the back of the house. They
are tearing down his addition and just leaving enough of the old place
for a wood working shop. Grandpa and Grandmas house is all gone but the
foundation. That’s it.

The woman also told me they sold 3 acres in the back to someone who has an
excavation business. He has a big storage building for equipment and is
building a big house back there.

The woman was very nice and seemed thrilled to hear stories of the house.
They are actually building this home for their daughter and her 3 little
kids with the idea that one day they (mom and dad) will move in when they
get too old to be alone. The basement will have quarters for them and a
kitchen using Grandma and Grandpa’s old cupboards.

I was telling her how wonderful the yard had been in our youth and she
asked me to send pictures. I gave her your website to look at.

So the place will now be blessed with the laughter of children. I think
that it’s wonderful that others will be able to learn, grow and love
where we used to. One day they will look back at 2288 Beckley Rd with
the same fondness as us. I just hope the little fuckers can dodge BBs
because I plan many a drive by just to make they remember whose turf
they are standing on.

Kevin is often touching and always funny.

While home I had some time to kill prior to the party so I drove to 2288 Beckley Rd. I stopped and took some photos.

Looking now all I see there is a couple of new buildings and fifteen years of neglect. I want to hop on the riding lawnmower and whip the once park-like lawn back into Nixon-era shape.

I can’t drive by without hearing the love-filled gruff voice of my grandfather or see him in the yard mowing. I can see grandma in the kitchen and can smell the foods of my childhood. In many ways I am a captive of that time and am easily reduced to feeling like the young boy I was there.

I too think it’s wonderful that the place will again be enjoyed by people who will love it and nurture it. The trees plants by my grandparents and father, and tended by me and my brothers will be enjoyed again and the sounds of laughter will return to the yard as echoes of our childhood.

I hope the new children inherit the gifts and traditions of love, laughter, and family just as we carry them with as to this day.

Each time I read Kevin's email it brings me to tears - knowing that 2288 Beckley Rd no longer truly exists for us, however, as long as it remains in our hearts it can never be taken from us.

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Anonymous said...

2288 Beckley Rd is much like ones own child. No one ever loves it as much!! Memories are forever!