Saturday, September 8, 2007


Recipe for turning a schoolyard brawl into a string of felony charges


1 Small Backwoods Lousiana Town
1 Ambitious Power Hungry District Attorney
A 400 year history of slavery, the KKK and racism
6 Angry Young Black Men

Mix vigorously and add an all-white jury


For those of you who have not heard about the Jena 6 it is the outrageous story of six black high school athletes from Jena, Louisiana who have been charged with Second Degree Attempted Murder and Conspiracy for a school yard brawl. Google it or watch this video which. I will warn ya, the video is 28 minutes long.

But it proves that Racism is alive and well and living down the street!


Bobby said...

What an amazing piece of footage! The story is jaw dropping, and funny enough. I have never even heard of this story until now. "people tend to go where they are comfortable"; I doubt this mother was expressing racism, but presented the idea behind it! 3 Nooses hug from a tree looked at as a PRANK?? I can understand how hostility grew out of such a moronic act of prejudice. What is even more shocking; only a few days of suspension for the students that did the act! The district attorney then orders a school assembly, and threatens the student body? I can see where the african american students took this as a threat! The school board then locks the school down with armed officers??? LOL Where is the idea of uniting the student body? I love how the BBC was ignored by the school and board; so they go to Billy the BARBER! LOL I think this is hilarious, and he is a good ole boy; obviously from his response that "kids being kids". This whole town on both sides is out of touch with reality, and knowing what acceptance,and tolerance! The Justice system is obviously out of touch as well! There is no apathy, or empathy in terms of educating ones self in this town. It is apparent that the White and Black communities are both to blame for their stances amongst community relations, and refusing to unite to end racial injustices! The opportunity was there, but the puzzle pieces did not fit. Amazingly, the six students that are charged with beating up a white student are charged with high ranging felonies; yet the student went to the hospital for "OUTPATIENT" treatment who attended an event that same evening with obvious brusies and swelling. I am not saying that this act by all the student involved was right. It is completeley ignorant, and uncalled for. However, why did they not get charged with simple assault? A common sense charge! Instead, attempted murder?? WTF?? The bail set is NUTS! Bail is set to ensure a defendants presence in court and is also based on prior recrod ( WHICH THERE WAS NONE ); it should NOT BE USED AS A PUNISHMENT! The newspaper and courts are puppets of true racism living within a community that needs to heal and come together! Unity will destroy hate to a point, but will be a new powerful force that will control those who breath prejudice in a community; rather than vice versa! OH my god Chris! I am really pissed over this story! Thanks for sharing it with me! Typical U.S. media outlets; how they ignore something that should be news; rather than Paris Hilton being in and out of jail!

Gpawilli said...

Bobby -

I knew I could count on you for a response. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.... The black students did wrong... no doubt... and some punishment should be handed out but COME ON... the DA is crazy....


Anonymous said...

OMG Chris - I have sent a copy of this video to at least 2 dozen people - I have lived in the south and I have seen the most outragous shit - I truly prayed that it had changed for the better - the in your face racism is rampant - sad to say it does exist up north too - it is more subtle and but just as dangerous.

The man talking about satan - another word for satan is the darkness of humans choosing to walk in that darkness - apathy - complacency - denial - the most dangerous entities humanity can conjure up. If it isn't happening in my backyard it isn't happening - I'll be writing about it on my site too - a message to that DA - with a stroke of my pen - I/WE CAN EXPOSE YOUR ASS!!!

I am so disappointed in fellow humans this morning - thank you for writing this - always helps to put a little light on a subject!!!

Stay safe... Palestar

arm jerker j said...

I have been wondering if I wanted to tackle this topic and for the most part, I decided I would eventually when it dies down. There seemed to be another "angry black woman" you did a far job of it.
I was enraged about this and it proved that we are just not past racism which is truly disappointing. They even banned the Save Jena 6 T-shirts. There is no way that three nooses, here in Texas, would have been decided as "just a prank." It truly sickens me.

Gpawilli said...

J -

Were you referring to me as the 'Angry Black Woman?"

God I hope so..... hahahahaha

I'm sure I was in a previous life!


Anonymous said...

Or could be me - I am a rainbow and I am mad as hell - like many others - kidding tho I am sure she meant you.

I will in my own way keep light on this unbelievable happening - on my site or anywhere they let me write and even where they do not!!!!!!!!

uh huh - I'm bad ... !

Gpawilli said...

Palestar - I tried to leave a comment on your site but it wouldn't let me.

What am I doing wrong? It said something about comments are currently closed..... so some such thing.


Bobby said...


I am still pissed about this sotry being not out on the national air waves!

A good friend of mine works for CBS as a reporter. I am going to see her this week, and this story is going to make it to her ears. I never bring up the news with her, but I am this week!

We'll see what happens...
So annoying!!!!

Gpawilli said...

I just cant believe there hasn't been any media coverage on this. Hell they have a name for the 6 young men even (JENA 6) so someone has heard about it.

Im going to try to search CNN and MSNBC to see if anything comes up... it just seems like the story has to be out there SOMEWHERE.