Sunday, December 9, 2007


It was gray, cloudy and occasionally rainy all weekend here in Phoenix. Temperature only in the 50s. I HATE it.

Puts me in a funk. Days like his are few - that's why I live here.

No sleep Friday night and can't say I slept any better last night (and Noelle wasn't even here).

Spent the entire day today reading the last book of Harry Potter.

I have loved the Harry Potter books since Rosie O first had JK on her show. I have all of the books and read each one immediately after being released. For the 6th one I happened to be awake late that night and drove up to BN to pick it up at 1 am. Got home and finished it before the end of the day.

This latest one I started while in NYC in August. I read 365 pages in one setting and never got back to it until today - and today I read until the end - page 759.

I recently spoke with someone who had finished it and I started to ask the questions I believed I knew the answers to.... Was Dumbledore really alive? Did it turn out that Snape wasn't a bad guy? Harry doesn't die, right? Do Herminone and Ron get together? And how about Harry and Ginny?

I wasn't disappointed and was right about almost all of it, but I found the book cumbersome to read - too many pages and too much detail!

I found myself tearing up at a few parts - not as much as the other books. I remembered these adorable and adventurous little friends I've grown to love over the years, but when it was over, instead of feeling a need for more, I was relieved.

I was happy with the ending but felt the the final battle was anti-climatic. What happens happens and there isn't much fan fare. I think it was a paragraph.

I am sitting outside by the fire, which has now faded and the air is cooling. Tomorrow it is forecasted to rain all day long.

Was suppose to start work...but it isn't happening.

I hate it.

Perhaps I can start another book from my stack.

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Nicki said...

I forgot what I answered to your questions when you asked. I'm glad you finally finished it! Hope things are good, talk to you later!