Saturday, December 15, 2007


For those who missed the David Letterman repeat with Rosie O'Donnell the other night - here it is for anyone interested in watching.

This initially aired in the fall of last year after a few weeks on the View and all was harmonious.

Watch her play with hands and crack her knuckles throughout. You can tell she is nervous.


Michele said...

Hi Chris,
I had never seen this interview before. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching it!!!

Anonymous said...

And I cant help but wonder if Rosie has ever met "Dick". And is "Dick" Cheney considered our "head Dick"? And who is the bigger "Dick"? Cheney or Nixon? And if he got a prime time tv show on nickelodeon would it be called "Dick" at Nite? And after all the tricks he has pulled should "he" now be called Tricky Dick? The new Tricky "Dick" makes Nixon seem like a nice "Dick". And lets ponder that age old question. What came first? The "Dick" or the Cheney? And as for the war in Iraq someone needs to make "Dick" pull out!!
Oh and one more thing. This country has been run by "Dicks" long enough!!

Gpawilli said...

Kevin -

You seem to be obsessed with "DICK."

Whats UP with that?

wimomz said...

thanks 4 posting this...i so want the writers 2 get what they deserve and 4 late nite 2 return
but i guess if they r going 2 run reruns w/ ro i won't complain!

Liz1971 said...

can i just say, i love ro...

just wanted to throw that out there.

enjoy your day! :)

Chortle said...

The only time Rosie is funny is when it's not intentional. Idiotic, self-obsessed, paranoid psycho. I'll bet she smells like sweat and Cheetos.

Gpawilli said...

Thats your opinion and I don't edit posts..... but you obviously as an idiot!