Friday, December 14, 2007


CNN ran this story today, "Is Jodie Foster Gay?"

How relevant is the question?

Does she need to come out?

I do not know that Jodie Foster needs to confirm or deny that she is gay. In my opinion is isn't important.

It doesn't change the fact that over 4,000 American servicemen and women have died in the Iraq War or that there are millions of Americans without health care. Homeless people are not sheltered and children do not go to bed with a full belly because she announces she is gay. Her "lesbian proclamation" doesn't give the elderly reasonably priced prescription drugs or a lower income high school senior a college education.

In my opinion, no prominent gay person is obligated to "come out" unless they wish to for their own reasons. They are under no obligation anymore than average Joe the butcher or Jane the bank teller.

It is personal - no public declarations are necessary, and I disagree with those that say they NEED to do it to become role models.

In their private lives celebrities live their lives as honestly as they choose, on their terms, not on the terms of the media or society.

Is Jodie Foster gay - Well Probably!

Does she need to shout it from a rooftop - it is her decision.


Palestar said...

I have referred to Perez Hilton who is under his own misguided perception that he should and somehow has the right to out people.

It seems to me that he thinks that if a well known person comes out - then it makes it okay for him to be gay, Somewhere in him he seems to be saying/thinking that it is not alright. Well, it is more than alright - it just is because it is!!!

Actors and the like - owe us nothing outside of a good performance - it is NONE of our goddamn business when it comes to personal things - sexuality - who does the cooking - who disciplines the children - etc.

Why does someone need to come out because gays need role models? That is bull shit - what we all need is people who work hard - respect others and
remember where they came from - show compassion and caring. All people - not just "gays" as it were. What a way to put it.. jeez.

If someone "comes out" then that is their choice alone - not because some asswipe decreed that they had to do it! For whom? Surely not because it make a jerk like Perez feel better about himself.

For God sake be who you are and be proud of who you are -

I ramble - sorry trying to get my point across - getting sleepy.

Check this very special song...

Good nite - folks - Palestar

Gpawilli said...

Well said Palestar....... XOXOXOXO

BUT the video link doesn't work.....

Palestar said...

Sorry Chris - sent you a better one - loved that show - it made me madder than hell at times - hurt like hell - amazed me ultimately how few of the actors were gay. They played those roles with such respect.

Harvey Fierstein whom I love - said he was upset that so many "straight" actors played "gay" people - I said gee Harvey how long have "gay" actors been playing so called "straight" roles. I played Bess in Porgy and Bess years ago - what does any of that mean - why should colour or sexuality have to do with it - talent should be the factor - IMHO... =o)

No - really for real good night again really really - ZZZZ. Palestar

LadyLennon1964 said...

I agree. If she's happt leave her be. will it ultimately matter in the grand scheme of things whether she outs herself or not.No. Why we worry about such trivial things as a society I will never know. Why should the gay & lesbian leaders care. Maybe they should turn their attention to helping teenagers who run away b/c their parents won't accept their sexuality that might actually be helpdful.
We should (as a nation) be c oncerned about healthcare and the ever growing poor population but somehow we're not. I help where I can sadly more often than not I'm the only one. Like in the grocery about 2 weeks ago when an older woman in a power chair was STRUGGLING to get the butter she needed and the ten people close to her watched her but didn't help but I helped her a I wasn't near her. I could see her but was like 3 aisles over. Have we become that self absorbed?

Anonymous said...

Well because of this kind of media she is getting, I've been hearing around the water cooler that she out-ed herself. I'm so tired of why this matters...
Who gives a rip.
Not to sound obvious but don't people know there's more stuff to worry about than this!?

Anonymous said...

Personally I think she should finally out herself. Its the least she can do for her homosexual fans. The only reason I ever go to see her in a movie is with the hopes she will finally give us a sign. I keep waiting for a wink, a blink, or for her to change the oil in her car. Silence of the lambs ( my favorite movie of all time) would have been so much better if she had worn a flannel shirt and hiking boots and had an assistant named Glenda! And why didnt K.D. Lang sing the theem song? Gays should only hire gays, and promote homosexuality. Recruit, recruit. We need more lesbians in this world.
Oh and this reminds me of a little joke I heard once (actually I just made this up). Why did the lesbian cross the road? She left her tool belt there!!
So to all the Glendas, Beths, Donnas, and Debbies, Quit building closets and come out of them. Your here your queer, now shave your legs!!

Gpawilli said...

Kev -

Why arent you siging your posts?

Ashamed of your silliness?

Palestar said...

Yeah Kev - now say goodnight Gracie...!!!

Anonymous said...

good nite Gracie!

Bobby said...

I can really relate to a lot of what you have presented. On the whole issue of announcing your "sexuality". I think there is a time and a place for everything. It also depends on who this may focus on. We are all different in the way we feel about "coming out" at times. Regardless of being gay or not, I love Jodie Foster and find it soooooo amusing that major news networks are focused on who she may be in love with. Weirdness...

Liz1971 said...

personally, i couldn't care less if jodie foster is gay. i don't think her sexual orientation is news-worthy- anything to get america to think of something other than the bigger issues. disgusting! that being said, i hope jodie is happy.

btw-your brother is hysterical!!

Gpawilli said...

Oh Lord Liz.... don't encourage the brother (like don't feed the animals)