Saturday, December 22, 2007


Tonight we drove around showing Noelle the Christmas lights. There is one house a couple of miles away, just off of Camelback Rd and 44th St, that each year has the largest lights display I have ever seen - they even sell Christmas crafts and serve hot chocolate and coffee...for a donation.

Noelle enjoyed it... hope you do!


Anonymous said...

Ok like that didnt give me a cavity!! When I come there this week for a visit (after jetting back from Ireland) we are going to make a video called "Kevin Kevin" and I want you and Jimmy to hold me and I am going to look all "precious" and "angel like"! Oh and who was the short guy in the red outfit? He sorta creaped me out!!

Kim said...

That was at someones house? WOW!

Noelle certainly looked like she was enjoying herself. :o) She's such a cutie.

Manymeez said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet little girl with us, and your special moment. christmas through the eyes of a child makes the season even more merry!!!! merry christmas!!!!

Palestar said...

Dear Kevin -

You are such a dear sweet nut-ski - say goodnight Gracie... =o)

wimomz said...

sweet cheeks on that cutie pootutie!

enjoy every minute with her!

Liz1971 said...

awww..that noelle...adorable! you are blessed!! and won't next year be even more exciting!?!? ;)

Gpawilli said...

This year was really nice.... Btt you are right... next year will be even better.

Bobby said...

That was AMAZING!!!!!!!
I cannot imagine the bill at the end of the month!

Still, it was very pretty!!!

Noelle is soooo sweet, and I love the feeling of xmas spirit!