Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is what happens in my house ... often.

Fettit is a comic. He (and my brother Kevin) is one of the most deranged and funny people I know. I love that he can make me laugh after 25 years.

No one else may get it... but if you only knew this crazy guy I live with......


Palestar said...

Okay Okay I have a new respect for him what a character - OMG it must be hilarious living with the 2 of you. Thanks for sharing - puts me in a good mood before bed to rest. Ya Ya!

Gpawilli said...

He truly is the funniest person I know and that is one of the reasons we are what we are ....

But I have been warning him that Kevin is catching up and perhaps passing him.

I think I need to showcase Fettit more often.

He doesnt know I have posted it yet.

arm jerker j said...

Ok. That's hilarious. You must be in stiches every day.

Mom G said...

Okay, so I was not in the mood to laugh today.... he changed my mood... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Last verse is the best for sure!!!
now share those for me.

Anonymous said...

A lite thought to ponder: What came first the comedian or the laugh? Just a little something to think about.
I often wonder if at the last supper (painting by Da Vinci and on display at a lovely little church in Milan, Italy where I just got back from yesterday) if Judas or Peter, Paul or even Mary should have told an off color joke to lighten the mood. They all seem so serious. Like'"Wow Jesus stop eating the beans already!!)

How about: don't you ever wonder when "size" started mattering? Was Eve hoping Adam needed a maple leaf and not a fig?

Oh Jimmy,
I coudnt decided if I thought you was from North Dakota (Ya, dont cha know) or from the hills of Tennessee (parents hide your chillrens). Actually with Jimmy B you get a bit of both!!

I do believe props would have enhanced his performance such as a crystal waterford white wine goblet (purchased duty free from Shannon Ireland where they are on sale the next three days and where I just happen to be going this afternoon) sitting classicly on the piano in front of him). But figure that had been filled and emptied a few times prior.
Actually Jimmy reminded me of a character in the movie starring the nephew of one of my favorite singers of all time Ms. Rosemary Clooney, George Clooney! Interesting enough It just so happens that just two days ago I was standing outside his lovely home (mansion) on Beautiful Lake Como 45 minute train ride away from the fashion capital of the world, Milan Italy.
But enough about be and my fabulous international life style. Did I mention I got to meet the Internationally famous fashion designer, Michael Kors whom was sitting in business first on Continental Airlines flight 44 to Milano! He seemed so pleased to get to finally meet me. How lovely for him. I bet he is still telling all his friend about me!
No really, must go!! Really have to gooo. Coffee is kicking in!!

And Jimmy, keep being Jimmy!! Generations of Willi's have loved you! From my wonderful grandchildren (who will be visiting a resort near you right after Christmas to my Grandparents whom you can visit in an urn in a closet near you)!!
love from ME

Anonymous said...

OH and the movie starring George "Wow is he goodlooking" Clooney was oddly enough "Oh Brother where out thow". Or as I call it "Oh Brother, do you have a job YET"??

How do you spell "thow". Thaugh, thau, thua, ?

Michele said...

that was funny! and like momg said the last verse was the best! :) and your brother's post is hilariuos. He's one funny dude!!

Gpawilli said...

Michele -

You know how at the zoo its says please don't feed the animals...

I am going to make a sign that says PLEASE DON"T ENCOURAGE MY BRO!

Papa C said...

ok, love Papa Fetit...Papa Papa, not so much. see you two in a couple weeks where I'll have a front row seat to Jim's nightly performance. oh, and you'd think with Kevin having been at the Vatican and the cathedral in Milan this year, he'd know how to spell "thou". as in "Thou shalt not covet George Clooney"

Palestar said...

Me think y'all are a bit fae and I enjoy the hell out of it... ya ya!!!

neicey said...

hilarious and cute to boot...we need a clip of Kevin too!

Bobby said...

Playing catch up on the blogs brother Chris, but I have to say that I loved the vid, and would have enjoyed being there! OVER DA RIVER!!!!