Tuesday, December 4, 2007


President Bush was on television again today – pursuing his agenda to invade Iran and fulfill his World War III manifesto. He may have changed his verbiage some, but his stance is still the same.

In the past he has said, "If you want to avoid World War III..." and now he has changed it to "if you want to avoid a really problematic situation you need to stop Iran."

It is obvious that his use of the term "World War III" did not spin well with the US public, or the world, and his advisors must have told him to back off using the term, but the substance is the same and doesn't change his stance. He is itching to send our young people to die so he can get his hands on their oil.

He claims Iran is enriching uranium to build a nuclear bomb, but according to international law, Iran is entitled to pursue peaceful nuclear capabilities. To continue his raping rampage of the middle east, President Bush insists the country has, is, or will be attempting to develop them for non-peaceful purposes and must be stopped.

Why don’t we deal with those that have committed a crime against our country (including King George)instead of pursuing those that he thinks may harm us? Keep an eye on them, for sure, but someone needs to tell the profiteering pretender to stay the hell out of Iran and find Osama Bin Laden so our country has some closure.

The Iranians, just like the 22 million people in Iraq, must view the United States and Great Britain to a lesser degree, the same as we view Al Qaeda. They must fear the United States and see us as “terrorist.” The difference is that we were attacked by a radical Islamic group who did not invade and continue to occupy us. They did not strip us of our natural resources and divide them as they saw fit.

Iran has every right to be concerned that they will befall the same fate as Iraq.

Instead of spending $1 trillion dollars on a war that enriches his friends and creates a military industry, and continuing that in Iran, why isn’t our President pumping more money into bringing the mastermind of the apocryphal tragedy on September 11th to justice. There must not be enough money in it for him and his friends.

It is important that each of us write our senators and congressmen to tell them not to allow the Pretender in Chief to spill the blood of more young people, be they Christian, Jew, or Muslim.

To write your congressman/woman click this link: http://www.house.gov/writerep


Michele said...

great post!!! I totally agree with what your saying.Just to let you know, I tried clicking on the link & it didn't work.

Gpawilli said...

I will have to check on that .... Thanks Michele

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arm jerker j. said...

This has been worrying me as well. I just don't know where it all ends....maybe the world.