Saturday, December 8, 2007


Today I am tired - no - I'm exhausted.

Was up over half the night with the wee one who could not sleep. Lately she doesn't like to sleep in her bed here so in with me she crawls.

Restless all night and then about 1am she started. Never really figured out what her problem was. She said she was hungry, said she was thirsty, wanted me to change her diaper. Still the whimpering continued.

Fettit took her to his bed for quite some time but she never fell alseep.... Just kept lying there awake looking at him saying "Hi Papa." Melts the heart.

He brought her back to me and at about 4am and she finally fell back to sleep. She is not fun to sleep with, always moving and kicking me.

Love the little snot too much!

By 9:30 I texted her mother, I am out of diapers. Do you want me to drop off diapers or pick up Noelle? Please come get her! I'm in a foul mood but try to keep it to myself. Never directed at her.

There is talk of trying for another one. Maybe a little boy - Christopher Sterling. How will I ever handle two?


wimomz said...

just out of curiosity…does she family bed at home?
Our dd was a restless sleeper when she was little…we bought a continuous cassette tape player set her up with children’s books on tape after tuck=in and played them for hours-worked well in fact still does but now she gets chapter audio books from the library!
hope u get more sleep next time 'round!

Gpawilli said...

From birth she has laid down without a fuss - always - Home and here.

I think it must have something to do with the place her parents recently moved into. The neighbors are loud and its keeps her awake.

Here though there are no noises. She has never had a problem. I lay her down and she is out for the night.

Palestar said...

Could she be teething - it can manifest itself in the most bizarre ways - she is the right age so perhaps teething could be one of the reason. What a sweet little pumkin///

Gpawilli said...

I dont think so. She has had a mouthful of teeth for quite some time.

She is only this way when she is going to bed now.

I really think it has something to do with the noisy neighbors at home.

neicey said...

aw...I miss having little people kicking me and scratching/pinching me with their little toes
Maybe you could get cheney to take their neighbours out for a fun day of hunting..

Sparroweye said...

It's just the two's. They know how to manipulate and are great at crowd control. And you're buying right in to it. I love two year olds. We could learn a lot from them about management. Oh dear, I hope we don't have to call in Nanny Jo. No, No,
not the naughty chair. I'd say, Yes
the new move probably had something
to do with her restlessness. I used to make up long.... and monotonous
stories for my insomniac two year olds.