Monday, December 10, 2007


I like her - don't know what it is, but I like Hillary and I think that if people would just listen to what she has to say and get past their pre-conceived, mistaken impressions of her they will find one very bright woman who will lead this country in a different direction than King George and Dick Cheney.

I still have not figured out why people don't like her:

- Is it because she is a woman in a tankful of male sharks?

- Is it because she is Bill Clinton's wife?

- Is it because she stood by Bill Clinton during his adulterous affairs?

- Is it because she is a democrat?

- Is it because she is smart and some-what tough?

- Is it because she should be home backing cookies?

I've never heard a single, valid reason why they don't like her.


Anonymous said...

It is time! It is her time! And that means it is going to be OUR time! I have had no doubt for years that she would be the first woman I would vote to be our President.
What an amazing woman!!
Go Hillary Go!!!

Mom G said...

My thought process-They don't like her because they are idiots... yep that's it.
Kinda mean today, aren't I?
But I do love you!!

Gpawilli said...

Im with you Robon..... They are idiots!