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And I remember the most beautiful man I ever knew, Jeffrey. Who died from this terrible disease looking 40 years older than what he was.
25 years ago I went to a party when I first came out. It was for a young gay kids 18th birthday. 25 people were there and now all but two have passed. Horrible!! On that day Brad (the birthday boy) was full of life and weeks later he and his boyfriend both killed themselves because of pressure from their families for being gay. The gay plague is not only a disease but ignorance! On aids day we need to remember all who have passed becuase of this disease as well as those who have died becuase of others hate, ignorance and lack of respect for all human life. AMEN

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World AIDS day is the day for me too to remember all the sweet beautiful people who passed on - all genders - my friends. No more tears I vow - only the joy I feel that they were in my life at all.

I can choose to be angry about the people who in their cruel insanity created this ungodly disease - or at least - well - did nothing to stop whatever led to the suffering of such sweet beautiful souls. I have chosen another route of course - to simply everyday and in every way tell the truth about it not being a so called "GAY" disease - it is a fucking human disease that people need to get past putting a stigma on it to avoid doing something about it.

I am reminded about the time when my best-est friend in the world told me he was HIV positive - when he said the words - I ran to him and put my arms around him and kissed on the forehead - holding him – then to me he had the strangest reaction - he cried the big ugly cry that Oprah talks about - what he explained was that even his family had all backed away when they found out. To this day I can not fathom why anyone would run away, so to speak from someone who has in their minds and understandably so had received devastating news. I could not walk away from a friend or anyone - my normal reaction would be to hold them close.

Chris and Kev – I want you to know I am crazy about the lot of ya – and don’t even think about ever leaving – cause the world would be so empty and BORING without y’all in it. The love in your family and the humour is so wonderful and I might add kindly contagious. Whoa – I am rambling – must stop – I am so pau. Be safe and well – thanks for being… ya ya! Okay?

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Palestar -

My experience with Steve was the same as with your friend. I can still see where we were (my grandparents porch) when he told me and my first reaction was to hug him and give him a kiss.

He too burst out crying because he was certain people would never touch him again.

His parents had just found out three months before that he was gay and they were having a very dificult time dealing with it.

Because I was the only gay friend of his they had met I became of object of their anger and said they never wanted to see me again... like I had influenced him to be gay.... we were friends and never lovers....

Once they were informed about his HIV status and saw my love and devotion to him they eventually came around and it brought their superficially close family around and they became a a truly close family.... and remain so today!

It can be a very ugly situation and my heart goes out to those that don't find the unconditional support and love from those they need it from most.

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This comment is not intended to celebrate those who have passed, but to celebrate all of you who have posted, who are alive, and were the joy and inspiration to all of those you've known who have had to deal with HIV/AIDS. I know Chris' story, and though at times he can be a kermudgen, he has a heart bigger than Texas (i know he hates Texas)....

So remember, though the disease has changed, and for many is something with which they must LIVE and not die, they need the support all of us can give, whether it be for them, or their families and friends. And we must also know that life is finite, and no matter what afflicts us, we must be there to support each other and lift each other up on our good days and bad.

Bless you all....(and bless the pinot noir I'm drinking)


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Beautifully Said Chu-Chu